"Wonderful experience with Lauren. The shop was very nice and elegant. Had plenty of beautiful dresses for us to pick through. Lauren did a great job catering to our needs and helped my sister find an incredible dress that we all loved! Would highly recommend."


"Ayden was absolutely amazing to work with. She listened throughout my entire appointment and kept picking new dresses that fit the feedback. The dress I ended up getting was one she personally pulled and I absolutely fell in love with it! She made my experience over all very enjoyable and 0 stress! I only went to this shop, and none others to find my dress. I am so very pleased and greatly appreciate all the work she put into my appointment. I would highly recommend her and this shop to anyone looking for a gorgeous wedding dress!!"


"LaNeige was the BEST! I went to 2 other bridal shops and it was by the far the best! I was asked so many questions I wouldn’t have even thought of! They showed me the dresses in different lightings and was so very patient and understanding and I had control of what I wanted to try on! Never once felt like I was being pushed to try on or purchase anything. I felt so comfortable and welcomed every time I went in! I would recommend LaNeige to anyone!"


"Amazing experience! Lauren was so so helpful finding me the perfect dress. Highly recommend!!!"


"I went to multiple bridal shops in Boise/Meridian/Eagle and Laneige, by far, was the best experience. And not only because I found my dress here! Lauren & Brooklyn were both super sweet and helpful, made it a comfortable and fun experience. Not to mention the shop is super cute with old wood floors and twinkly lights, and a great location downtown. It really was the best place around, highly recommend!"


"Thank you La Neige for helping me find my wedding dress. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for, and Brooklyn helped me by pulling dresses after I explained what I was looking for. I felt beautiful, comfortable, and very elegant all night long! ❤️❤️❤️"


What an amazing 10/10 experience! Tori was our stylist and we were so lucky to have her! As the bride I felt comfortable, listened to, and excited. We even ran into her after work and she came up to see how the rest of our day went and chat! . If you're looking for that idea bridal experience I highly recommend coming here and asking for her. Thanks again Tori for the experience my family and I always dreamed of!

Cassandra Plexico

Maria was absolutely wonderful. So personable, kind, and made the experience perfect. There was such a great selection of dresses with a good range of prices. Was very impressed overall and will continue to recommend.

Emma Skelton

Justine, our stylist was outstanding. We loved the vibe and atmosphere of your boutique. The perfect experience.

Jessica Wohlschlegel

>Honestly, this was our second shop and it was a night and day difference! She made us feel so welcomed and me as the bride so comfortable. I appreciated her really checking in to see what I liked about dress and helping find options to cater towards my style and vision. I can’t even explain how great our stylist was and experience. Thank you guys so much for making this moment so memorable.

Kimber Medellin

The consultant did anything and everything to make me and my guest feel comfortable and free! She let us pick as many dresses and we wanted and she was honest when I asked for her feedback. It was a beautiful experience and I’m so glad I went with LaNeige!


From start to finish my experience was wonderful. Maria, my stylist, did a great job pulling gowns I really liked, and guiding my choice by asking how each look made me feel. I felt so confident in my decision when I said yes! And when I called back the next day, panicked that there was an issue with my paperwork, the staff did any amazing job reassuring me everything was ok. Thank you for an amazing shopping experience!

Cami Murray

Seriously best service ever! I felt the most comfortable here hands down. Although I didn’t find my dress here I had a really close second & was so hesitant to buy just because of how nice everyone was and how comfortable I felt here! They won’t leave you hanging to figure out what’s going on & never once did I feel bad about saying no or like I was on a time crunch or pushing numbers. So so amazing & hands down the best shop!!


Brooklyn was wonderful! She was so helpful and fun to be with! You are all amazing, and really made me feel special.

I had the best experience with this boutique! It was my first time shopping for a dress and I ended up picking my dress that day! The process was seamless and I only had a try on a few dresses to find the one! I was able to try on about every style of dress to narrow down the one I loved and after I said yes they let me take so manny photos and were so supportive! I’m so excited to see my custom dress all done and go back to this amazing place! 100% recommend

Jessie Eaton

This experience was amazing!! I felt so heard and it was so easy and low stress. There were so many beautiful dresses here. I love how honest my consultant was and the questions she asked to get me to choose the right dress!!

Mandy Barnes

LaNeige was amazing! I felt listened to, and encouraged, and my experience took all the stress out of dress shopping and kept all of the fun. Everyone is so nice there and genuinely care about what you want and what you think. I would definitely recommend!!

Brooklyn Williams

Thank you for all your help in picking out my wedding dress. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure I made the right choice for me from thinking of different alteration options and giving me an idea of what that would look like. You read what I was liking without me having to say much at all which made the experience tailored to me and it felt special.


Lauren’s knowledge of the dresses, designers, alterations, and customizable options was incredible. She clearly knows a lot about dresses and was able to use her expertise to make me feel gorgeous, comfortable, and confident. I couldn’t have been more impressed with her and my La Neige experience.

Allison Garcia

I loved my stylist, Brooklyn! She was very helpful and easy to talk to. This was the first bridal shop I had been to and I had a pleasant experience. They set my expectations high for other bridal shops. I appreciated the kind comments about the dress and suggestions for alterations, personalizations, and accessories that complimented the dress and my desired style. Very easy to work with.

Joshalyn Smith

Thank you for an amazing experience! Maria was so helpful and helped make the experience fun and stress-free. Very happy with my dress and the overall service and experience. Thank you!


My family and I had an amazing experience with Brooklyn for my wedding dress appointment. I was set on walking out of there with a few dresses in mind but not having bought anything so I could really think about it, but Brooklyn pulled "The One" and the decision was easy from there!

Melinda Quick

Brooklyn was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and helped pull some awesome dresses that really fit my style :)


I realized that I had forgotten to come on here and leave a review! I got married almost 3 years ago and I still think about my wedding dress! I wish I could wear it every single day! It is the single most beautiful dress I have ever seen! The detail on the back was to die for! I had such a wonderful experience at LaNeige! The staff was amazing and treated me and my guests with kindness! They made me feel super relaxed while I went through the process of trying on dresses. There were so many options to pick from! I have always highly recommended LaNeige to anyone who is getting married!

Paige Nielebeck

Awesome place. The store is clean, cozy, well light and there are so many dresses to choose from. Kelsey helped me, and I had to break a tie between two dresses so I tried them on again and again. Through the whole thing she had a good sense of humor and was super accommodating. They make you feel good here regardless of how much you're spending. Thabk you for helping me find MY dress!

Erin Carr

I loved my consultant. She was very friendly and put me in dresses that I loved and I found my dress after one appointment.

Kalie Faulkner

Beautiful boutique in dt boise. Amazing dresses, i wanted to buy them all! The staff is wonderful and helpful and makes you feel so comfortable. You get champagne while you shop and the store is beautiful. After searching everywhere, i finally said YES TO THE DRESS here!!!!! Go here at least once before picking your dress ladies!!!

Elena Castro

After an awful experience at the wedding rental place in town, we walked into LaNeige understanding that we may not get an appointment. We wanted to peruse the dresses they had to see if any were what we were looking for (modern, elegant, lace). Not only did they immediately give us a stylist, but accommodated a large group with no issue. Our stylist was great and very patient with four women picking out dresses for the bride to try on. By the end of the appointment, the bride had found THE dress at an unbeatable price! Thank you ladies for turning what started as a upsetting day into an AMAZING experience. Highly recommended!

Kyra Moore

I couldn't have dreamed of a better experience. As a former bridesmaid (been in over 10 weddings) I've been to my fair share of wedding dress try ons, my time at LaNeige was superior to all others I have witnessed. Montana was an absolute DREAM to work with. She never rushed me, and made sure I got a personal moment before exiting the dressing room and showing my guest; this time was about me and no one else. She was the best hype girl I could have asked for. I wish she could be my helper for every wedding decision I make. I don't think I'll need another wedding dress in the future, but I would HIGHLY recommend everyone I know to come here.

Montana, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Thank you for letting me dance and twirl around the store. Thank you for letting me look at my dresses in different lighting situations. Thank you for making this day so personal and about me, and for giving my mom and I so many fantastic memories to think back upon. THANK YOU


Krystyna was great! Very attentive and helpful, she made the whole experience fun and relaxed. They have very beautiful dresses in a range of styles and prices, i'd recommend checking them out when dress shopping!

Antje Brown