Who to Bring With You to An Appointment

One of the most fun parts of bridal shopping is sharing that first moment when you find your dress with those closest to you. Shopping with friends and loved ones is fun, and having those second opinions present when you make such a big decision is key. The big question is: who to bring along?


Often, you’ll see bridal boutiques encouraging brides to keep their groups limited. This is for good reason, as often when brides bring huge groups you can get unwanted opinions, competing advice, and further confuse you while shopping. However, we understand if you’re someone who has a lot of incredible people in their life to bring along!


The biggest thing to consider when choosing who to bring along is who you absolutely want there. For most brides, this is their mom, but it could also be your sister, grandmother, or best friend—this is up to you. If there’s someone you’ve always imagined finding your perfect dress with, don’t go shopping without them! You never know when you’ll find your dream dress, and if you’re finding it without them, you might regret not having them there. 

If you’re still looking for the perfect wedding dress, check your mom’s (or sister, aunt, best friend, etc.) schedule, and book an appointment at LaNeige Bridal. We can’t wait to host you!