Ways to Bustle Your Wedding Dress

Ways to Bustle Your Wedding Dress

While your train looks absolutely stunning as you walk down the aisle, afterwards, when you want to mingle and dance with your guests, it’s in the way and keeps you from having as much fun as you’d like. For the reception, you’re going to want to bustle your gown—which is when you pin the train up, giving yourself freedom to move throughout the night. We’re giving a breakdown of different bustles so you know what to expect at your alterations service when your seamstress adds a bustle to your gown: 

American Bustle


The American bustle gathers the train and pins it to the skirt, in either 1 or 3 areas. The gathered train creates a draped shape along the back of the skirt, gathering the skirt out of the way easily while looking beautiful. 

French Bustle


Much like the American bustle, the French bustle pins the train to the outside of the skirt, but rather than pinning over the skirt, the train folds underneath the silhouette to create a layered, tier-like look in the back. 

Austrian Bustle


Instead of pinning the skirt up, the Austrian bustle gathers the train in the center. Using a vertical illusion, the train is gathered up the center for a ruched look that pulls the train up perfectly. 

Each of these bustles has its own unique look, and each will require a helper to help you pin the train. Bring your Maid of Honor or your mother to your final fitting so that your seamstress can show them how to bustle your gown and you won’t have anything to worry about on your wedding day!