Things Your Bridal Stylist Wants You To Know

Things Your Bridal Stylist Wants You To Know

When a stylist walks you through your bridal appointment, what are they thinking about? Take a look at these six things we at LaNeige Bridal wish our brides knew about wedding dress shopping!



Don’t Shop Too Early or Too Late


Even though it sounds contradictory, it's true! It's easy to get overwhelmed when you start too early. You'll be visiting too many shops, waiting for the new dresses to come out, or comparing too many styles. It's great to browse Pinterest boards for ideas, but starting too early might lead to overwhelm by visiting too many shops and waiting for the new season.


Make sure you don't shop too late, because getting alterations and ordering a dress takes time. It usually takes 4-5 months for the dress to arrive, and alterations take about 2-3 months. You'll also need to factor in bridesmaid's dress shopping because your girls will need time to coordinate.


Less Is More When It Comes To Shopping Buddies


Wedding dresses are a monumental part of your life, and you want your closest friends and family by your side. We've seen too many people look burned out when they bring too many people. There shouldn't be more than three people in an appointment.


We're here to make your experience memorable, while keeping the focus on you, answering your questions, and helping you choose a style. There are plenty of other opportunities to involve those you love in the wedding planning process!


Trying on dresses outside your budget isn't always fun


When you try on your dream dress and can't afford it, it is the most disappointing experience. You can choose from a million dresses, but we ensure that we select styles within your budget that will meet your dream dress list! It’s even possible to customize necklines and trains to suit your taste!


Don't pick your gown based on your pics


In a bridal shop, there's a lot of light, but those darn phones always get a bad angle. Don't buy a dress based on what it looks like on your phone. Take a look in those oversized mirrors, walk around, sit down, but don't buy a dress based on what it looks like on your phone. If you wear natural make-up, you can see how you'll look on your wedding day. Lipgloss and mascara are also a good idea.


Dress shopping isn't emotional for everyone


Sometimes, her mom, a close friend, or her sister may start crying before the bride realizes her dress is "the one." You can't help but smile once you find your dress, knowing that it represents you, and you can't wait to show it off to your fiancé! But don’t feel pressured to get emotional or feel worried if the waterworks don’t immediately start. 


Please be honest with us 


Let us know what you think about the dresses you try on! We want you to find the perfect gown, and you won't love every dress you see. We see dresses all day long, so we know what looks good on each body type. For us to find a dress that's uniquely YOU, we want to know about you, your family, your personality, and your wedding details!


We hope these tips will help you prepare for your first appointment! Make sure you schedule your appointment today so we can help you find the perfect wedding dress!