Purchasing vs. Renting Menswear

Purchasing vs. Renting Menswear

At LaNeige, we offer more than just bridal. Our store includes a space for the men, where you’ll find a selection of suits and tuxedos available to both rent and buy, depending on your needs. Unsure whether to rent or buy? We’ll give you the pros and cons of both. 



Renting is incredibly common, especially for weddings. One of the biggest appeals of renting is the cost effectiveness: renting is much cheaper than buying a tux or suit, making this a great choice for weddings on a budget. However, renting has a few drawbacks: you can’t alter the suit or tux at all, and you won’t be able to rewear or keep the tux you got married in. 



Buying is more expensive, but it comes with perks: you’ll have the tux or suit forever, and you’ll be able to get the garment altered to fit perfectly. If you’re planning on wearing a black tux, purchasing is a great idea as you’ll likely need to wear the tux again. 

Regardless of your decision, you’ll find perfect menswear at LaNeige Bridal! Book your appointment today.