Managing Expectations for Your Say Yes to the Dress Moment

A lot of brides come into the boutique expecting to have a big “wow” moment when they find their dress. Movies and TV have created an image of having a moment where you cry and immediately know that this dress is the one—but that’s often not the case.



Plenty of brides need to try on their dress more than once to be sure, and a lot of brides do not cry when they find the dress. Another thing you should know going in? The dress you pick won’t always be your mom or grandma’s favorite—and that’s completely okay! It also might not be the dress you imagined as a little girl, and that’s okay too. 


Putting too much pressure on yourself makes your shopping experience much harder. Stay focused on what dresses you like, be ready to take time in your choice, and be okay not having that “wow” moment. You’ll still love the dress. 

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