Everything You Need to Know About Veil Length

Everything You Need to Know About Veil Length

Of all bridal accessories, the veil is easily the most iconic: the sheer, flowing white fabric immediately gives you that classic, bridal look, and adds a romantic quality to your wedding dress unlike any other. When looking for a veil, it’s key to know exactly what you’re looking at or may want, and it’s natural to not know anything about veils until you start shopping for your wedding dress (after all, when else have you worn a veil?). So, we’re helping brides out by telling you everything you need to know about veil lengths. 



The shortest veil length is called “birdcage,” due to the fact that this style is often made of netting and hugs close to the face and head, resembling a birdcage. This style works with all silhouettes, but especially works with tea-length dresses, creating a gorgeous, vintage-inspired look. 



After birdcage, flyaway, or shoulder-length veils, are the next shortest. The length goes only to the shoulder, and is often more full, creating a floating style that’s perfect for the bride who wants something feminine and classic. 



As the name suggests, this veil style goes to the elbow. This length is chic and classic, and works beautifully with full-skirted bridal silhouettes. This length is perfect for the bride who wants a veil that’s easygoing and simple to manage throughout the day. 



After elbow- comes fingertip-length veils, which end just below the fingertips for a slightly longer style that looks amazing with fitted silhouettes. This length is the longest veils get before reaching the floor, and is perfect for the bride who wants a long veil that’s not full length. 

Floor Length


Floor length veils are the same length as your hemline, reaching the floor without a train. This length works with every silhouette, and the full-length style adds an ethereal, flowing quality to your gown that’s breathtaking. 



Chapel veils have a slight train, offering more opportunity for detailed veils that can add romance to your wedding dress. This stunning, full-length veil style is perfect for brides who want some added detail to their wedding dress. 



Cathedral length veils are the longest length, and have a full-length, stunning train, often detailed with elegant lace along the edges. For the bride who wants endless details, this length is perfect!